Fallow Fields

by Astride the Line

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Dark deceivers siphon from us fundamental means of existence. Culpability cast on the wretched. Sickly in spirit in spirit, thought and deed. Now we stem the tide. Absolution only for the faithful. Ignorance worthy of adulation. Transgressions hidden from sight. Gullibility held in highest regard. Innocence forever gone. Seize the beast. Split the skull. Breathe free air. See true light.
[VERSE I] Grinding our bones to earn our keep. Never earning more than to survive. The only refuge is in our sleep. This fate: Our failure to thrive. [CHORUS] Necessitous men cannot be free to grind away needlessly. When all that we do is to survive, will that become our dignity? [VERSE II] We were meant for more than drawing breath. Empty deeds bereft of significance. An uprising will come to pass and free us burdened souls. [REPEAT CHORUS] [ENDING] What is the final price we'll pay when our lives are stolen from us. Not by the sword, but by greed. No abundance, but plaguing need. Hollowing out our humanity. Lingering death.
[VERSE I] Screaming at the walls surrounding me. Trying to put the past behind me. Standing in my own way. Tearing myself to shreds. The time has come now to leave this place. [CHORUS] I take my leave, find who I am. Turn my back on my identity. Not as simple as one might think to say goodbye. Now consider me gone. [CHORUS II] Striking out down this road. I resolve to find my own way. It's the only chance I have to escape from from mediocrity. I break these chains and cut my path. [REPEAT CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Now I take to road and my home vanishes behind me. Nothing left for me here. [ENDING] Between fallow fields I make my way. I watch a life of regret disappear behind me in the mirror. A distant memory, intangible. Truly now on my own. My past beyond the vanishing point. A new life, an unspoiled canvas. Nothing now left to hinder me. Possibilities ahead of me.
[INTRO] Instigating fear. Thieves of democracy. Concealment of intentions. Engineered deception. Preying on your fear. Withholding information to halt your questioning. Designed to keep you in the dark. [VERSE I] Facilitating ignorance. They have rigged the game. "There's nothing more to see here" is the new cynical anthem. Lying by omission. They lead us down a dark path and lead us to rot. [PRE-CHORUS] Time has come. Light the way. Steel yourself, and prepare now. [CHORUS] Strike back at the heart of darkness and take back what belongs to you. The right to information is absolute. With endless resources, they craft the rules. It's dead set against you, but ignorance is no excuse. [VERSE II] Placating the masses with manufactured news. Skewing the truth beyond all recognition. Our collective cynicism must be overcome. Complete denial of established truth. [REPEAT PRE-CHOURS and CHORUS] [BRIDGE] It's been so long in the dark. We can't seem to find the way. Seeking blindly toward the light. Piercing the veil, we see clearly. [ENDING] Break rank, stand tall and strike. Refuse these bonds and fight. Decisively we'll reclaim our rights. Outweigh their wealth with our might. Reclaim your birthright. Hold your ground. Fight!
[VERSE I] Stranded in this frozen expanse. Frigid flesh splits from our bones. [CHORUS I] Our dissolution stalks us in these frozen fields. Blade of death shimmers from beyond. Our survival hinges on a bloody deed. Forgive this transgression, we know what we must do. [VERSE II] Gnashing teeth Keening hearts. Lamentations. All forsaken. [CHORUS II] Our dissolutions stalks us in this frozen hell. Death's blade poised above our heads. The wailing of mothers haunts us deep within, and now virgin snow is painted with the blood of our kin. [ENDING] Blackened souls. Redemption lost. Flesh consumed. Beyond forgiveness. We will survive, but with contrition in our hearts. Is it a fate worse than death when our deeds haunt us to the grave?
[VERSE I] Another day is mine to kill as I see fit. Been this way now for far too long. I've burnt the final bridge. These walls are all that keep me alive. Now the shakes are setting in, so out the door I go. And when the day is done, there my love will be. It's tough to see it through when bone grinds on bone. Cracks in the walkway feel like canyons now. [CHORUS] I bare my soul to indifferent walls. They're all I've got between the dirt and me. My brick and mortar confessional is all I've got in my dying days. [VERSE II] Days drag on, wearing ever thin. Empty cans and coins pave my way to death. I suppose there's no use living my life without you now. Chains of the day break on the bliss of night. And every idle drink takes a little more of me. In the fog of my mind, let come what may. This drink is all I've got to my name. [REPEAT CHORUS] [ENDING] And I, I would hold on, if I had anything to hold onto while my blood still runs. And my, my eyes are weighed down, with the weight of a life thrown away before my eyes. Do you understand? I was not who I am when it began. But intentions and outcomes are never the same.
[VERSE I] Backs break on the yoke. Descending into blood. Splintering bones with nothing to show. "Give us this chance," they said "Give us this bread," they prayed. If work is what gives them worth, what worth is in broken men? [CHORUS I] Grinding away their lives. Harrowing days of late. Thin and stretched they prayed, but nothing skyward came. [VERSE II] The ranks began to thin, falling to shade. Desiccated husk devoid of compassion.] One by one they fell, preyed upon by greed. Eviscerated wholly by con men and thieves. Families decimated by avarice unleashed. "Deliver us all from evil" A plea made in futility. [CHORUS II] Grinding away their lives. Harrowing days of late. Thin and stretched they prayed, but nothing skyward came. Machine bereft of humanity. Degradation unparalleled. Apex of ultimate suffering looked upon with absolute apathy. [ENDING] Slaves to this machine they are and resigned to their chains. Blind to the way before them. Self-flagellating fools they stay. A slumbering behemoth stirs and shifts in the hearts of men. Shaking chains to the ground in time with blood that beats within. And these bonds are sundered rending subjugation.
Monolith 06:47
[VERSE I] The air was heavy with a sense of regret. The bridge sat in the distance summoning. A monolith beckoning the way out. Standing defiant of the river. The sirens' call brought her to her feet. She sought the way to end her suffering. Set forth to the moonlight monolith. Now resigned to the fate that she will fall. [PRE-CHORUS] Suspended above the maelstrom. Clawing in desperation so that anyone would reach out. [PRE-CHORUS I] Dashed on jagged rocks below. Hopes and dreams forever lost. Strangled by the undertow, seeking blindly for deliverance from this life. [CHORUS I] The sirens' song called out to her wailing from the decks below. She ascends the concrete spire reaching the summit of the monolith. A deafening clam enveloped her. She took a step on the railing. Clinging loosely to the lamppost. The strength dwindled from her fingers and then she fell. [PRE-CHORUS II] Tumbling into the maelstrom. Clawing in desperation. Regretful of the choice that she just made. [REPEAT CHORUS I] [BRIDGE] Crashing hard. Gasping for air. Splintered bones. Clinging for life. Tempting fate. Flirting with death. Spiraling deep. Sinking beneath. Descension beyond what lights can reach. Currents pulling beyond where life dwells. Oblivion. Life flickering like the flame that survives the wind. Flower blooming despite the storm. [CHORUS II] Breaking the surface gasping for air. Bones all but shattered, pain resonating. Shoreline in the distance near but far. Outstretched arms reaching for a chance to survive. [ENDING BRIDGE] Driven to this madness by utter desolation. A prison of sorrow erected in her mind. Standing alone under the weight of fear. [CHORUS III] Dashed on jagged rocks below. Hopes and dreams nearly squandered. Strangled by the undertow, seeking madly for deliverance from this choice.
[VERSE I] Image parallaxing. Hours distending. Past thought and time, wheeling overhead. Dark days looming. Withering life. Through the haze I glimpse reality. [CHORUS I] I see the lines on your face drawn by apathetic time. Accelerated by a life of regret. Hollowed bitter husk. Seized by truth I see a life of emptiness. I divine its will: A path to my grave. [VERSE II] Apparition poised above. Grasping reins to drain my life's blood. Demon set behind lifeless eyes. No longer human: Walking ghost. [CHORUS II] I see the lines etched in your face left by apathetic time. Accelerated by a life of sorrow. Hollowed lifeless shell. Your desolate eyes stalk me beyond the glass in nightmares. Seized by truth I see a life of emptiness. I divine its will: A path to my grave. [ENDING] As I go beyond this sphere to oblivion, war inside the mirror rages on in you. Rages on in me.


Astride the Line's debut album Fallow Fields. If you like our music, please show support:


released April 27, 2015

Jeremy Wagner - Composition, arrangement, guitar and vocals
Will Maravelas - Drums
Andy Klockow - Bass
14:59 Studios - Engineering, recording, mixing and mastering


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Astride the Line St Paul, Minnesota

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